Paul Klecka, Designer
Entering college with highly developed artistic and musical abilities, by his junior year, Paul had completed all of the required courses for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree but had not yet selected a major. Assuming that a jewelry class would be an easy "A" and that he would meet lots of girls and probably sell some jewelry, he enrolled.

He discovered that the precision of metal techniques coupled with the boundaries imposed by the human form provided a structure that enabled his artistic ideas to blossom, and jewelry became his focus. He met some girls, sold some jewelry and continued on to graduate with a Master of Fine Arts degree in jewelry and metalsmithing.

Thirty years later, he distributes his jewelry designs in retail channels as diverse as Neiman-Marcus and QVC. He is recipient of numerous industry awards which represent the range of precious materials:

  • DeBeers
  • Diamonds Today Competition
  • Diamonds of Distinction Awards
  • Diamonds-International Award
  • American Gem Trade Association
  • Spectrum Award
  • Jewelers of America
  • New Designer of the Year 1989
  • Jewel Award

Fashion editors have written, "Paul Klecka hits the mark of what today's fashionable consumer is seeking," and "clean simple lines infused with fashion and innovation. He has his finger on the pulse of the jewelry arena."

Combining a disciplined use of precious metals, simplicity of detail and the subtlety of reflective surfaces, Paul Klecka creates winning and wearable jewels that are destined to become classics.

Now designing with his mouse in CAD software rather than with traditional bench techniques, for 2004 Klecka has broken through the boundaries of traditional design with a new patent pending jewelry concept only possible through the computer-aided design process.

Artist Statement

Less is most.

Using simplicity to increase visual impact, I favor clean geometry as a basis on which to design. My minimalistic approach creates a powerful architecture that formalizes the jewel, yet simultaneously celbrates the human form with a high sensititvty to the soft curves of the body.

Gold and platinum are metals which are unrivaled for their reflective properties, and gemstones depend on the internal refraction of light for brilliance and beauty. I explore the creative interplay between these precious materials as a way to celebrte the individual, inviting each to embrace my signature designs as their own.