About Relios. Inc.
Carolyn Pollack
Vice President & Design Chief
Bill Pollack
Carolyn Pollack; Vice President

The individual behind the new CP Signature design line is Carolyn Pollack, vice president of Relios, Inc. She provides more than just the design direction for the company, coming, as she does, from the retail world. She has held positions in corporate buying, regional operations, and corporate development. Recognized for her unique approach to marketing, merchandising, and store design, she developed an impressive list of national retail clients as an independent consultant.

When she joined the company in 1994, she recognized tremendous opportunities for Relios. Many of the product benefits she had searched for as a buyer were offered by Relios, most notably, point of purchase materials, display programs, and custom design and manufacturing capabilities. Her transition from buyer to manufacturer came naturally, and both her artistic endeavors and her business efforts have prospered ever since.

In her opinion, buyers and salespeople share the same responsibilites and the same goals -- to determine what the consumer desires, and offer the best possible form of satisfaction. As the executive manager of the Sales and Marketing area of the company, Carolyn provides direction and a role model for her staff., making sure that consumer brand recognition -- the cornerstone of the Relios strategic business plan -- remains in the forefront of everyone's thinking..

H. William Pollack III; President

Bill Pollack is a high-energy leader, involved in all aspects of the company on a daily basis. He came to New Mexico in 1971 to attend the University of New Mexico, where he graduated with a degree in Psychology. In 1973, he began designing and making jewelry as an independent artisan. Two years later, he had the opportunity to purchase Carlisle Jewelry Co., a small firm which had ridden the crest of the worldwide popularity of Native American art. Through Bill's leadership, the company grew to become one of the major suppliers of jewelry in the southwest and throughout the country.

In January of 1994, Bill initiated a major change in the way the company would operate. It is his belief that in order for a company to be successful, all stakeholders must be satisfied: employees, customers, vendors, and shareholders. This starts by empowering the individuals within the organization. Bill personally develops and implements training programs, which focus on Team Building.

The teams within the manufacturing facility are actually individual "Focused Factories", each responsible for a certain product line. The team is responsible for the fulfillment of their orders, from work order generation through packaging. The company provides the team with the tools to formulate their production, recruitment, training, and facility plans. The result is a higher level of participation, enthusiasm and pride in satisfying its customers.

Bill's reputation in the industry is a strong asset to the company. He has been successful in networking for strategic domestic and international working partnerships, and will continue to pursue these resources.