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designerbiztalk webinar with PR Expert Mark Davidovich
designerbiztalk webinar with PR Expert Mark Davidovich
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The advent of digital media substantially changed the public relations dynamic. It reduced the role of the intermediaries -- mostly magazines and trade shows -- that used to be the main way that designers were introduced to retailers and then subsequently to consumers. What digital did was provide the means for the designer to skip the middleman and reach the consumer directly.

It took what trunk shows have always done -- bring designer and consumer together -- and made it possible on a massive scale -- via websites, blogs, Facebook, twitter and other kinds of social media.

So that raises a number of questions about how designers should tailor their public relations efforts.

-- Are magazine editors obsolete, and if so, should anyone bother courting them?

-- For that matter, are press kits obsolete?

-- How best to connect to consumers? Via Facebook? Blogs? Magazine editors?

Plus, the digital revolution has affected PR in other ways. For example, since magazines won't disappear altogether, in what format do they (and design contests) want images of designer's work?

For some contests, the whole process -- from application to paying the fee to submitting the entries to notification of winners -- is handled digitally.

Do they want DVDs, DropBox, e-mail attachments, flash drives? Do any want actual paper prints?

It's all so confusing now. Everyone knows you have to do some kind of self-promotion. But what's the best way?

Mark Davidovich provide answers to these questions and many others in this popular webinar.

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