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designerbiztalk webinar with Belinda Pruyne
designerbiztalk webinar with Belinda Pruyne
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Isn't it time to get your business into high gear, making it the kind of enterprise that supports the kind of life you want?

Unless you have a big-picture understanding of your job and career, you're likely to be just managing from year to year, trade show to trade show, bank deposit to bank deposit. Aren't you tired of living like that?

After all, if you're just doing a job -- even a rewarding one like creating beautiful works of jewelry art -- you are still sailing through life without a map.

And a map -- one specifically geared to whatever it is that you desire to achieve -- is what Belinda Pruyne will help you create. And everyone needs a guide, some kind of goal so that you can chart a course to get you to wherever it is you want to go. As the saying goes, if you don't have a plan, you'll likely be part of someone else's.

And what might an overall goal look like? How about these for starters:

    To have someone else run your company while you stick to design work

  • To be the CEO of a financially sustainable company that pays you a hefty salary

  • To get out of your own way, no more self-created roadblocks and self-sabotage

  • To retire at, say, 55 or earlier instead of 65 or later

  • To make enough this year to hire a salesperson or bookkeeper so you don't have to deal with those tasks

Belinda will show you what elements you have to master in order to build -- starting right now -- a business on your own terms, one that is based on your definition of success.

And, of course, lots more!

Don't let another day go by wondering what might be! Take control of your destiny -- right now. Start by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button just below Belinda's picture.


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WATCH Once you've paid, you will be sent a link and a password. Click on the link, enter the password when requested and then you can either sit back, relax and take in the information coming in, or you can take notes -- many of our people tell us they do, some while continuing to work.

You have the option of seeing it again at your leisure as often as you would like.

Our webinars are also available as mp3 downloads so you can listen while doing something else like working, driving or going for a run. These MP3s are located on the same page as the webinar itself. Just click on the clearly-marked MP3 link located below the webinar screen.

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