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designerbiztalk webinar with Bill Gallagher
designerbiztalk webinar with Bill Gallagher
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We start this webinar by learning about ways to get people to say yes to you, especially in a business situation.

Then we move on to related subjects that are just as critical to the success of your business (and your personal life). These have to do with that often-overused word, leadership.

But think a minute. Guys like David Yurman and Todd Reed are considered leaders in our industry, yet we happen to know that they weren't born that way. They struggled -- and they learned. And that's the key. They learned through trial-and-error how to become leaders.

Fortunately, for us, we have Bill Gallagher to explain how you can develop those same skills without the years of effort.

And this time we opened up the microphones so that Bill could answer listener's questions directly.

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