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"Beware the Outliers!" and Other Security Guidance for All Jewelry Folk
Beware the Outliers! and Other Security Guidance for All Jewelry Folk
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Jewelry store owners are always acutely aware of the dangers of this business we're all involved in. But it's also a hazard for jewelry makers.

Even if you are working from your home or commuting to a studio or office, you are at risk simply because you are in the industry.

You can never truly fly under the radar. In today's information age when your name, address, images of you and your work are readily available online, you are at risk.

So what's your best defense, whether you are a store owner, sales associate or designer? Learn how to recognize what Michael Briant of Skydas International, a security and risk assessment firm, calls outliers -- bad guys -- and know how to deal with them.

You also need to know how to recognize potentially dangerous situations.

Every robbery, every incident of violence has what are called call pre-incident indicators, and you'll learn all about them in this webinar.

Learn to spot trouble and how to react to it to have the best chance to come out of any situation unscathed!

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Mike Briant of the Skydas Group International has led seminars for the jewelry industry, among others, to teach jewelers how to recognize outliers, travel safely with product, how to work with local law enforcement and related topics. His firm is a threat and risk management firm based in Atlanta. He also provides services and training to international corporatations and government agencies. His staff has extensive adult learning certifications, with each of them having either a background in "high threat close protection," special operations or law enforcement.



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