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What are Jewelry Store Buyers Looking For?
What are Jewelry Store Buyers Looking For?
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There are lots of considerations that buyers have when they are thinking about adding a new line -- and not all of them are about the jewelry.

Melissa Geiser, the jewelry buyer for Stanley Korshak, one of the country's largest independent department stores, quite generously reveals just what it is that buyers like her -- with over 40 designer brands already in her stable -- are looking for.

  • What criteria does she use? ("What is it exactly that you are looking for?")

  • How does she decide when a designer is "ready"? And what does that mean?

  • Does she ever take on a designer the first time she sees the work?

  • How important are trends?

  • And how important is social media, especially the impact that Instagram seems to have on trending merchandise?

  • And, of course, lots more, in the hour-plus that she was on line.

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