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Running a PR campaign need not be a costly, difficult endeavor.

With the right tools and guidance, you can effectively do it
yourself and save thousands in professional fees!

List Price $750.00
Our Price $497.00
You Save $253.00 34%


How is this possible?

With our unique new Do-it-Yourself PR Toolkit!

At the heart of this great new package lies a comprehensive Press List created just for jewelry deisgners. In making it, we included only those editors, bloggers, freelancers and stylists who cover your kind of work.

More than 100 hours have been devoted to researching this list, getting the right contact information, tracking down all the Instagram and Twitter accounts plus details about content so that you will know how best to pitch those press people.

When completed, the kit will include check lists, sample scripts, sample press releases and how-to guides for cold calling editors, doing desk sides, sending samples, keeping track of the details and following up. There's nothing like this available anywhere else.

And instead of keeping you waiting for the whole package, we came up with a pre-release offer to help you get yourself "out there" now.

Here's the deal: Buy the list now as a spreadsheet, get the rest of the kit as soon as it's ready in the weeks ahead, and get an amazing $250 discount!

Compiling the list took a lot longer than planned, pushing the release date past our original target time. But we didn't want to leave you stranded without something to work with, so we came up with the idea of making the press list available in spreadsheet form.

The list currently contains:

  • 52 Consumer magazines -- multiple editors when applicable 18 Trade publications -- multiple editors when applicable from several countries
  • 48 Bloggers -- that cover fine jewelry trends and makers
  • 15 Online Magazines -- Fashion and accessories focused websites
  • 14 Freelancers -- writers who cover the fine jewelry market
  • 18+ Regional Publications -- fashion writers who have covered fine jewelry in recent issues
  • 11 Stylists -- they borrow jewels for their editorial endeavors
  • 10 Industry VIPs -- who help designers promote their jewelry and expand their businesses

  • We are continually adding more outlets as we track them down.

    Eventually the data will transition to a database on our new, completely redesigned website, so that the information can always be readily available and updated whenever a change is needed. Naturally, when you sign up for this offer, you will automatically have access to the whole press kit online.

    But until that happens, a spreadsheet with the information is your best bet. Actually, it's your only reasonable option (aside from spending a bundle to hire a PR agency) because, as we said earlier, there's nothing like it available anywhere.

    Position yourself for the best sales season ever!

    Click now on that Add to Cart button.