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home | Membership has its advantages!

Membership has its advantages!

Only in the JRB Inner Circle can you find complete, fully detailed information on all the marketing resources you need to run your business.

To join now, use our Secure online order form. Or read on to see all the reasons to join today.

Inner Circle membership is packed with features like:

Monthly designerbiztalk Webinars with industry leaders (everyone else pays $29 each time)

Category Guides for Jewelry Designers

A long-time trusted source for industry information when it was in printed form as the Annual Planning Guide for Designers, the information available in printed form is now available online - and updated throughout the year -- for inner Circle members. Your guide to

  • jewelry trade shows and designer-friendly craft fairs
  • design competitions
  • trade and consumer publications
  • associations for designers
  • other industry events for designers

JRB Resource Directory for Jewelry Designers and Artisans

A keyword-searchable peer-rated "yellow pages" for designers looking for

  • appraisal information
  • casters
  • consultants
  • education and training
  • gem dealers
  • insurance
  • legal help
  • packaging
  • photographers
  • printing/postcards
  • tools
  • web service
  • and more than 30 more categories!

Discounts on:

  • our Mailing List service of retailers known to sell designer jewelry -- 10% off
  • reduced prices on other Jewelers Resource products like One-on-One Coaching and Business Strategizing
  • discounts/special promotions with other industry partners
  • and the list is growing!

The latest news

Here you get the latest relevant information -- news, special advertising oporrtunities, publicity opportunities, due dates for shows and contests, reminders, marketing prospects, trend and fashion forecasts -- rounded up from numerous sources by Cindy herself. We read everything so you don't have to -- and present you only with what's useful to you.

How-To Library

Dozens and dozens of articles on running your businesss, from creating your product to pricing it to selling it. Our library is constantly growing as changing market conditions call for novel ways to do business. We have 30+ years of professional journalism experience working for you. We also offer you downloadable forms, charts and how-to guides created by our writers and expert Advisory Council.

Reference Center Nowhere but nowhere else can you find archived information like the following all in one place

  • lists of trade show and craft fair exhibitors for the past few years, so you can see who has been doing what shows and make your own assumptions about trends and succcess probabilities
  • other industry stats on sales, trends and more
Plus you get
  • industry news updates
  • a glossary, cheat sheets and forms.
  • tips, tricks and expert advice

All of the above -- everything -- is geared to the jewelry designer.

Subscribing now guarantees that you'll get immediate access to everything you need to grow your business. And it won't matter where you are 365 days a year because all the content is available exclusively over the net. If you can get to an internet connection, you can get to your information. And it's only available online now as we no longer offer printed versions of our popular guides.


To join, use our Secure online order form. For an annual membership fee of just $187 (or $49.95 per quarter) plus a one-time registration fee of $99, you get 365 days of uninterrupted, fully detailed access to all of these member's-only features.

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