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home | Feature Articles | Museum Association Trade Show - An A . . .

Museum Store Magazine
Museum Store Magazine

Museum Association Trade Show - An Alternative Venue with Possibilities
Cindy Edelstein

Founded in 1955, Museum Store Association (MSA) is a nonprofit, international association organized to advance the success of cultural commerce and of the professionals engaged in it. By encouraging high standards of professional competence and conduct, MSA helps museum store managers better serve their institutions and the public.

One of the best ways MSA helps museum store managers is by hosting an annual Retail Conference & Expo. The event is held every April and travels each year to cities like Denver, CO, and Tampa, FL

Small and Short.

This is a relatively small trade show but it's a very tight-knit community and exhibiting here is the best way to develop relationships with these store managers. The event is only two days from 10:30-4:30 pm. And small- only 9 aisles of booksellers, souvenir vendors, and gifts - very few artists. There are 66 companies listed as selling jewelry. I'm familiar with only 10 of them.

Many of the stores are here to find private-label merchandise and jewelry that can be custom designed to coincide with a museum's upcoming shows or events. The stores are often the for-profit arm of the not-for-profit museum or arts institution. They are often run more corporately than what you might be used to from entrepreneurial gallery and jewelry store owners; which translates to the practice of order and paying on time!

The 2012 conference was in New Orleans.

The 2013 conference will be in Los Angeles

April 13 - 15, 2013
Los Angeles, Calif.
(EXPO dates April 14 - 15, 2013)
Los Angeles Convention Center

Museum Store Association Inc.
4100 E. Mississippi Ave., Ste. 800,
Denver, CO 80246-3055
Tel: (303) 504-9223
Fax: (303) 504-9585


To get an idea of the type of jewelers who exhibit at this show -- and consequently whether this is a likely venue for you -- here are two lists of jewelry exhibitors, one from 2008 and one from 2012.

2008 Jewelry Exhibitors
Alchemy Inc.
Ancestors of Dover Ltd.
Anywhere Markets
Art Bags / Brag Bags
Brazzil Arts
Buffet LTEE
California Pacific Designs / BAMBOO Jewelry
Carina's Creations Jewelry
Carolyn Forsman Conversation Piece Jewelry
Charles Albert Inc.
China Star (U.S.A.) Ltd.
Clareo Designs Inc.
David Howell and Co.
Discoveries Egyptian Imports
Dopamine Jewelry
Edith Schneider Jewelry
Finger Magic Origami
Galleria Pangea Inc.
GeoArt by Cynthia Gale
Glass Eye Studio / Global Village Glass Studio
Hand and Hammer Silversmiths
Heritage International Ltd.
Inart Plata Mexico
Jabebo Earrings
Jelli Jewels
JS Crabtree
KJK Jewelry Inc. by Katherine J. Kornblau
Lapis Lazuli Jewelry Distributors Inc. dba Boston Exclusives
Lovell Designs
Luna 2 LLC
Mio Studio
MistCo Inc.
Museum Reproductions Inc.
Pacific Silver Inc.
Patricia Locke Ltd.
Percent Jewelry LLC
Perché No
Pilgrim Imports Inc. (The Pin Peddlers Inc.)
Rhode Island Novelty / Wild Adventures
Russian Connection
San Lorenzo Int'l Inc.
Semaki and Bird
Shienny Cheng Gallery dba SNS Fine Jewelers Inc.
Sikara & Co.
SIS Designs
SmArt Sales
Stuart Nye Hand Wrought Jewelry
Tamohara Collection
Textile Gems TM
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Music Gifts Company of England Inc.
Turtle Neck Jewelry
Unique Batik
Urban Fetishes
Vessel International Inc.
Westair Reproductions Ltd.
White Widow

2012 Jewelry Exhibitors (nearly-complete list)

A.T. Storrs, Ltd.
African Images
Amber by Vessel International
Ancestors of Dover, Ltd.
Ancient Coin Jewelry / /Averci Design
Animal Vegetable Mineral
Beatrixbell Handcrafted Jewelry
Bridge for Africa
Carolyn Forsman Conversation Piece Jewelry
Cindy David Designs
The Courtney Collection
DM Merchandising
David Howell and Co.
Diane O'Donnell Contemporary Designs
Enchanted Imports
GeoArt by Cynthia Gale
Grandmother's Buttons
Heritage Metalworks Inc.
The Indiri Collection
Jades Menagerie, LLC
KJK Jewelry by Katherine J. Kornblau
Kotik Design
Krista Bermeo Studio
L. Hutchcroft Design
Maurice Lilleur
Merifian Jewelry & Design
The metropolitan Mudeum of Art
Mondaine Watch Ltd.
Museum reproductions
Mysterium Collection
PEI (Photofabrication Engineering Inc.)
Perfecto Glass Jewelry Inc.
Physician Endorsed
Precila G. Jewelry
Ralph Sena Metalsmith
Renaissance Glass
Robin Goodfellow Designs
Samantha Devimes Inc.
Sarah Cavender Metalworks, Inc.
Semake & Bind
Stephen Estelle Jewelry
Seward / Stand
Taki Watches / Scojo NY
Tickled Pink
Village Designs
White Widow

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