Obscure Silver Makers Marks

Got an obscure makers mark that you would like to know something about? Here are links to two resource pages that might just have the answer. (Plus some information on Mexican "eagle" marks.)

These pages are compiled from informational e-mails sent by SilverForum subscribers. The list consists of designers and maker's marks that have been generally difficult to find in standard reference materials. The left side of each row is for the mark -- either a photograph or text indicating the name found on the piece of jewelry -- and the right side describes the "mystery piece" or designer. When information is found it appears with credit given to the person who provided it.

This is also a place to submit an unknown mark in the hopes that a SilverForum subscriber will be able to give you some information about it.

The first is for marks A - L and the second is for the rest.


The following link is for Mexican "eagle" marks
The 'eagle' mark also known as the 'bell' mark, or Mexican government assay mark, was used from approximately 1946 to 1979 (according to Warmans Jewelry 2nd edition by Christie Romero), and signified that the item so marked was at least of sterling (0.925 or 92.5% silver) quality. Oftentimes makers used higher quality silver, sometimes as much as .990 or 99.0 % pure silver! However, the use of this mark was inconsistent and erratic.

The primary use of the eagle mark to collectors is as an aid in circa dating. The lack of an eagle mark, however, does not rule out the item being made during this period.

Attribution to a specific maker cannot be made with certainty based solely upon an eagle mark. Other considerations such as style and workmanship play a greater role in making such a determination when a maker's mark is absent.

This list has been compiled from actual observation by several collectors, and should be considered a work in progress. Additions are welcomed!


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