Tips, Tricks & Etiquette Of Brainstorming
From a site I found on tele-brainstorming

I think designers can use these tips when brainstorming with staff, advisors or even with a bunch of smart friends who are willing to help you with your business, perhaps in trade for some good wine or a piece of jewelry. The power of brainstorming is essential to every endeavor.

You're never too small to form an advisory committee for your business, even if it's made up of some friends and fellow small business owners.


~Pay very close attention to the question asked so your answers match up to what is requested. If you need the question repeated during the brainstorming please feel free to request it.

~ Once you have given one idea it is not necessary to repeat it or expand on it. That will take away from the valuable time to the receiver. If the receiver wants to spend time on an idea they may request that or connect with that person after the call.

~ Stay focused on the subject requested. We all, as humans, can have a tendency to divert at times and stray from our intended focus.

~ Allow your teammate to finish their idea before jumping in with yours. If you're concerned about forgetting it, jot it down and then offer it.

~ It helps to sit forward in your chair. It keeps you more tuned in versus sitting back relaxing.

~ We all like to tell stories. Please hold your stories until you are off the call. You can reconnect at that time. If someone in your group is telling a story, each person in the group has permission to say BULLWINKLE as a gentle, fun indicator to move it along.

~ As the receiver, please receive your ideas as if you have never heard them before. Receive them with positive energy vs. Oh, I already tried that, or No, that won't work for me. That is called a KYBOSH and will take the excitement and energy out of your group.

~ If your group seems to be going down the wrong road for ideas, please feel free to stop them and restate your question. They may have not been clear on what you wanted. This is called a Re-Direct.

~ ABOVE ALL ~~ Have FUN!

Be silly and creative. Some of the best processes have come from the silliest of ideas

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