Index of Video Tips From Designers

It's the folks who actually do the work -- the designers and their staff at trade shows -- who know best what works and what doesn't, and we're grateful for their generosity in sharing what they've learned.

As you'll discover when you, too, have achieved a measure of success, good business practices, large and small, are just as important to success as the jewelry. So take these tips to heart. The advice here, even when learned dearly, was given freely.


Quick Tip: When we asked Marla Beck of Alex Sepkus, Inc. for a tip to help designers at trade shows, she came up with a point that is obviously important but oftimes easily overlooked.

Click here to see Marla's clip.


Quick Tip: At some point in your business -- and fairly early on, we hope -- you're going to have to take the next step to get ahead. Julie Bergstein of Just Jules tells you what that is.

Click here to hear Julie's advice.


Quick Tip Candy Edelman sets us straight on one of the more important aspects of dealing with customers, something that sometimes get lost in the press for more sales.

Click here to hear what Candy has to say.


Members Only: Quick Tip Vicente Agor provides some visual details about one of the most important marketing tools that any designer should have.

Click here to see what Vicente is showing.

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