Let Our Team Build and Manage Your Online Brand Identity

E-newsletters, blogs and Twitter tweets can promote your brand more frequently and consistently than print media. They give you the chance to tell your story over and over again filling in all the little details as you go.

They let you connect with your audience in a more personal fashion while building a relationship that gives you the "permission to sell."

They also give you the immediacy lacking from a traditional website which is usually at the mercy of an expensive, and sometimes unresponsive, outsourced webmaster.

These online marketing tools help you:
~ Reach customers directly and often
~ Promote your company affordably
~ Test new products
~ Increase sales
~ Augment traditional PR
~ Build your brand
~ Dramatically raise your search engine optimization
~ Personally connect to your audience

For the designer business that is stretched too thin without the expertise, time or frankly the interest to be on the web all the time, the task of online marketing can be daunting.

But for us, it's common practice. We are trained writers and practiced communicators. We're online all day every day so keeping your online ball rolling is second nature for us.

And we can do it for you.

We are adept at enewsletters and blogs, having run our own forseveral years now. We've seen our search engine rankings rise dramatically as well as our connection to current and prospective clients. We're also seeing more and more designers jump in the online fray in the past year. And this is just the beginning.

For growing businesses this is a key way to stay ahead of the competition and become a leader in the market. We can communicate your brand message online for you because we know the technology but more importantly, we know your brand and we know the marketplace.

JRB staff will:
~ create your e-newsletter template
~ build your email subscriber list
~ continually add to and monitor your subscriber list
~ prepare photos for your online communiques
~ design and create your blog
~ coordinate the connection of the enewsletter subscription and the blog to your regular site
~ promote the blog to the industry, press and consumers
~ mine content for you based on industry and internet trends and sources
~ create a facebook , linkedin and myspace account for you (if you want)
~ be your advocate on the web, continually looking for appropriate sites and ebusinesses to link with
~ write each monthly or quarterly e-newsletter with total input from you
~ write a weekly blog entry for you based on your company news

The JRB fee for this service is $800 set-up fee and $1200 per month for an annual contract with quarterly billing.

We're available to you and your staff throughout the month and will continually advocate your brand position online. As part of the service package we will have scheduled calls each month. Your enewsletter will go out each month and your blog will be updated as often as weekly, depending on frequency of events and business developments.

We look forward to working with you and being your Online Brand Manager!

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