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Our First Book!

We are extremely pleased to announce the publication of our first book, "Brilliance! Masterpieces from the American Jewelry Design Council," a coffee table tome that showcases America's most gorgeous and inventive art jewelry. It's a perfect read for every jewelry designer.

The council that is referred to in the title -- the American Jewelry Design Council -- is an invitation-only group that includes many of the most respected figures in the fine jewelry world, names like Michael Good, Jose Hess, Henry Dunay, Alan Revere, Todd Reed, Barbara Heinrich and David Yurman.

The founders of the group banded together nearly 20 years ago to promote their work as an art form as well as the commodity the world instantly recognizes. They want to educate and enlighten people.

They incorporated as a non-profit organization, held annual meetings and each year set themselves the task of creating a piece of jewelry that was their expression of a theme.

Their collected works are seen as the artistic equivalent of having the Renoir, Manet and Van Gogh of the jewelry world collaborating on a jewelry project each year over a span of 12 years.


The resultant works of art provide incredible insights into the minds of some of the greatest living jewelry designers of our time, and the works collectively form a trove of beauty and inspiration that bedazzles everyone who appreciates great design.

To research the book, we interviewed all of the three dozen council members, all of whom we already know on a first-name basis, to gain some insight into the thinking that went into the creation of each piece.

We compiled all our info and put it into 15 chapters reflecting the 12 projects that the group has done to date plus some added historical and biographical material. It is lavishly photographed and many of the individual jewels are embellished with commentary provided by their creators. Lark Books is the publisher.


Alas, the book is currently out of print. While some copies are still available at, the asking price is nearly $90 and you would be better served by checking first with your local bookstore, particularly Barnes & Noble, where you will pay the original asking price of $19.95 plus tax.

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The editors at American Style magazine liked our book so much that they devoted five full pages to it. That's a lot of magazine real estate! Here is a pdf of the article. You can also check out the five-star reviews on



The following links are provided for members of the press who may be interested in learning about the book and reviewing it, and for anyone else whose curiosity prompts them to click on links.

Download a copy of the press release (in pdf format) announcing the book's publication.

Download either a high-resolution copy of the cover -- 9" x 9" at 300 dpi -- or a monitor-usable nine-inch version or the four-inch version shown above.