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Check Out This Amazing Way to 'Mount' Your Jewelry
by Frank Stankus

It's not often that we get excited

about something new in packaging. But this time we did.

Here is a way to display and package your jewelry that is sure to wow even the most jaded customer.

It makes it appear almost as if your jewelry is floating in the air! You know, of course, that it isn't, but the presentation is so striking that you have to say to yourself that this has to be the next best thing.

You can see the jewelry extremely clearly from all around without getting fingerprints on it, and the silicone conforms very nicely to the contours of the piece.

It's not the same as shrink wrapping because the silicone just hugs the piece tightly -- it is not drawn into every nook and cranny like shrink wrap.

You can even display a ring at right angles to the plane of the film so that it is sticking out from the surface, not flat.

And amazingly enough, when you take the ring (or whatever piece of jewelry you have) out of the frame, the plastic flattens out again to a surprising extent.

The material is not puncture-proof but it is puncture-resistant; it won't get punctured by earring posts unless they are really long.

What you need to know:

They come in all-black, and the smaller two sizes are available in all-white. You can also have your logo custom-printed on the flap. You can also have them made in your own unique color if you order 500 or more.

Five sizes, all 1-13/16 inches thick (see picture at bottom of page):

3" x 3" -- Ring
4" x 4" -- Universal
5" x 5" -- Pendant (pictured here)
6" x 6" -- Necklace
10" x 3" - Bracelet

These numbers are approximate. For example, the 5 x 5 "Pendant" box you see here actually measures about 5-3/8". For the inside measurement -- the actual usable space -- figure a bit less than an inch less all around, making it about 3-3/4" for this size.

Another example: The "Bracelet" box's actual numbers are 9-13/16" by 2-3/4". If the need to know exact measurements is critical, please contact the manufacturer (see below).


Ring ----- $3.35
Universal - 3.75
Pendant -- 4.15
Necklace - 6.60
Bracelet -- 6.60

These are Prestige Pak's standard prices. JRB Network members get a 5% discount.

Please note that packaging as a rule does not have the keystone-type mark-up that jewelry has, so huge price cuts are not possible. Of course, when your order reaches into the thousands of units, deal directly with the manufacturer for further price reductions. We're just trying to get you exposed to this!

They are available in lots of ten, individually contained in either a white carboard slip case or two-part cardboard box (a "two-piece packer").

Minimum order is $100.

Orders are shipped FOB from Champlain, New York. The company itself is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Shipping charges vary, averaging seven to eight dollars per carton of ten. Fedex Ground is the usual shipping method.

If you want your logo imprinted, there is a $55 plate charge and 15 cents per unti to print.

To take advantage of the member discount , download a form from here, fill it out. and fax it to us. A fax is required in order for us to charge your credit card. You will not be charged until the shipping cost has been calculated and added to your bill.

Please also note that Prestige Pak does not accept American Express cards.

Company information

Prestige Pak Inc.
8330 Ave de L'Esplanade
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H2P 2R3
514-387-3969 fax


Did we overlook a piece of information about this product? If so, send us an e-mail message and we will get you a prompt response.

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