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home | Success Tips Archives | Write Down your Shop Procedures

Write Down your Shop Procedures
October 6, 2008

Written procedures allow you to better control your product's consistency in quality and appearance -- they serve as a ready reference for any new employee. That doesn't mean, of course, that they should become strait jackets that don't allow new ideas or innovations. Write down your best practices, then keep trying to improve them -- and when you do, make sure those Eureka moments become part of the written procedures.

-- Rich Youmans, MJSA Journal Used with permission

Tip: Parallel to this is the suggestion that you write down and follow a schedule every day. It can be the same routine every working day or it can vary during the course of a work week.

We know designers who book substantial time at the start of every morning to work on ideas and inspirations, then spend the rest of the day in less-inspiring parts of the business. Others use Monday morning as a time to take stock of the business and reorder priorities for the week. Whatever approach you take -- and it doesn't have to be anything like these two suggestions -- stick to it. Both body and mind benefit from regularity and routine.

Lastly, remember that designing jewelry is only part of your life. Make sure you make room for those other things that make life fulfilling -- family, hobbies, exercise, getting out in nature, appreciating other art, etc.

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