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home | Market Research | Sample: Craft Gallery Review Process

Sample: Craft Gallery Review Process

Every store is different -- more or less -- and for each store that has a process of pitching them there are more that don't. Some like to meet you; others don't want you to drop in unannounced. Some read their mail and others say they never look at it.

So a good sales policy is a flexible one. Try to find out what works for your best targets, and when no information can be gathered indirectly then you'll just have to call them and ask.

Here's what one fine craft gallery that sells medium to lower-priced jewels lists on its website:


Artist Information and Application

Maddi's Gallery represents more than 700 artists and craftsme in its Charlotte gallery and on the web at

Maddi's features jewelry, glass, ceramic, metal, wood, fiber, garden art and accessories for men, women and children.

Maddi's also represents many Southern folk artists who are painting, carving and making folk pottery.

In 2005, Maddi's was named one of the Top 100 Retailers of American Craft in the country.

A year later, Maddi's was named the "Best New Gallery" in the nation, a singular award for a business less than five years old. In 2009, we were honored as the Top Retailer of American Craft in the United States!

Our commitment to our customers is to offer them the very best in American craft and folk art available today. Maddi's commitment to our artists is to promote and sell the best of their creations.

Space in our galleries is very limited, therefore we can only accept a small number of new artists in each review period.

If you are interested in submitting your work for consideration, please note the following:

All potential artists are reviewed by Maddi's buying staff three times a year. Artists need to submit their applications before 5 p.m. on following dates in 2011:

Artist Applications Due:
March 4
June 3
September 9

Review Committee Meets:
March 7-14
June 6-13
September 12-19

Artists will be evaluated by the following criteria:
1. Quality of design, materials and workmanship
2. Salability and pricing
3. Ability to maintain needed production
4. Availability of our display space
5. A fit with the style of our gallery

Artists are asked to submit an Artist Information Packet, including the following:

A resume or bio sheet
Full contact information including address, phone number, e-mail and web-site if applicable
Photos (on paper or CD) of work you are submitting
Description of materials, methods and techniques you use
Wholesale prices; also indicate if you are willing to consign work
List of all NC galleries and shops that carry your work
A stamped self-addresses envelope large enough to accommodate your packet so we can return it.

We will notify you within 2 weeks of our decision. If your work is accepted, Maddi's will work diligently to display and sell it. In return, we ask for exclusive representation in the greater Charlotte region. One of our marketing goals is to present our customers with new work they do not see in other area galleries.

Submit materials to:
Maddi's Gallery, 1530 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Questions: Please call 704-332-0007

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