How to Sign Up For and Watch a Webinar

It's a straightforward three-step process.

PAY -- You first pay for the webinar using our shopping cart. You do that by either:

a) if you are learning about the webinar via an email message, click on one of the "sign up now" links found in the email. That will take you to a page describing the webinar further. Click on the "Add to Cart" button on that page; it's just below the picture of the featured speaker.


b) if you are already on this website, click on the "Add to Cart" button on the page describing the webinar. The button is just below the picture of the featured speaker.

(Note: Inner Circle members -- who get to see our webinars for free -- also need to sign up but they are automatically given a discount by the shopping cart system that makes their balance zero.)

REGISTER -- Once you've paid, you are sent instructions on how to register for that webinar with GoToWebinar, the company that coordinates all the internet connections for our webinars. (Essentially, you just need to provide a name and e-mail address in order to register.)

WATCH -- The webinar system will then send you an e-mail message with a link for you to click on a few minutes before the webinar starts. Once you click, you will be connected to the webinar, and you will be able to hear Cindy and our featured guest speak, and you will see on your computer screen whatever images they have for you.

(Note: Our webinars do not show either Cindy or the guest speaking live. Only their voices are heard, and you see on your screen the images they have to illustrate the points they are making.)

Then, you can either sit back, relax and take in the information coming in, or you can take notes -- many of our people tell us they do, some while continuing to work.

Most webinars are about 75 minutes long.

Once you have paid for the webinar, you have the option of seeing it again at your leisure as often as you would like, whether or not you watched it live. We send a link and a password to those who have paid for the webinar and who request a link.

Our webinars are also available as mp3 downloads so you can listen while doing something else like working, driving or going for a run. A link to these audio-only files is available just below the viewing screen of each webinar . Click on the link and the mp3 file will automatically download to your computer. You can then listen to it on your computer or transfer it, if you wish, to any mp3 player.

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