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Increase Your Odds of Staying Safe Seminar

No robbery ever just happens.

It occurs when a thief decides that the potential reward is greater than the risk of getting caught.

So it behooves you as a person in this wonderful industry of ours to know exactly what you must do to keep the balance in your favor.

This is true whether you are a store owner, a manufacturer, a gem dealer, a designer, a sales associate or have any role in our industry. You've got to know how to protect yourself beyond what common sense tells you to do.

If you're not fully convinced of this, consider the following:

We've all heard of those South American theft gangs, most of whom are Colombian, right? We've been told that their original targets, sales reps, just don't carry as much merchandise with them as they used to, and so crime in their part of the business has gone down. As a result, crime against others in the industry has risen!

Want to know something even scarier? Those Colombians are trained professionals! Are you even remotely equipped to counter them?

Well, we have some help for you: this seminar. And it's lessons are 100 percent useful whether you find yourself facing an organized gang or a rogue individual acting on impulse. With what you'll learn, you can lower your risks of exposure to criminal elements who prey upon the jewelry industry.

Okay, if you're still not convinced you need to attend this seminar, read this blog post from a jewelry industry sales person who took the two-day course presented by Skydas, the same company conducting our seminar.

If that doesn't do it, then you are already probably some kind of special forces type! For the rest of you, here's our course:

Tuesday, March 11th
midtown NYC
9am to 5pm

Click here to buy your ticket!

The team at Skydas, led by Mike Briant, places a heavy emphasis on practical application of the material presented. Mike and his team will teach you how how to spot "outlier" behavior plus other specific strategies to thwart criminals while at the same time minimizing risks to you and yours.

Though the class is about a serious subject, the team includes a good dose of humor -- generally at the instructor's expense, we're told! -- and they encourage class participation and dialogue.

One key thing you'll learn is that whether you operate in a city or the suburbs, your most valuable asset is not the jewels and gems, but the people that make up your business.

What we will cover:
* Traveling to and from work
* Planes trains and automobiles
* Opening the doors
* Security Sweeps
* Spotting the Outlier
* The Robbery Cycle
* "Casing"
* Suspicious activity logs
* Working with your local law enforcement
* Closing up

This course is normally $650 at the Skydas Group's headquarters in Atlanta --
we are bringing you the majority of their event for just $375
in NYC for your convenience.

Click here to buy your ticket!

More about Mike Briant and the Skydas Group:

Mike Briant of the Skydas Group International has led seminars for the jewelry industry, among others, to teach jewelers how to recognize outliers, travel safely with product, how to work with local law enforcement and related topics. His firm is a threat and risk management firm based in Atlanta. He also provides services and training to international corporatations and government agencies. His staff has extensive adult learning certifications, with each of them having either a background in "high threat close protection," special operations or law enforcement.

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