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Keeping Yourself Safe

(For a recent example, read this report by Howard Hauben,
the owner of the Centurion Show who doesn't carry jewelry
but visits lots of jewelry stores, who was assaulted in Texas.)

What many people don"t realize is that these crooks exhibit certain behaviors that tip their hand, and once you learn how to look for these signs, you have a good chance of avoiding trouble.

But learning how to read these "pre-incident" indicators is not just common sense. You need professional advice from seasoned security experts.

And that's where Thursday's webinar can help -- a lot. During the 60 to 90 minutes that it will run, a high-powered security professional will teach us how to identify the "outliers" -- the bad guys who do these awful things -- and how to act when they show up.

You'll also learn what makes a situation dangerous, and what you can do to minimize your risk. Most people do not know when a situation is devolving in front of them because they miss the non-verbal cues that are present.

This potentially life-saving information will be brought to you by Mike Briant of the Skydas Group International, a security and threat management firm with a sub-specialty of providing security training, information and other related services to the jewelry industry.

You have the option of watching the webinar live
next Thursday, Feb. 13, at 3:00 Eastern
or view it later at your convenience!

Register here now to do either -- or both!

OK, if you've read this far you probably see the need for the knowledge
to be presented at the webinar, but maybe you're not fully convinced.
If that's the case, take a few minutes to read this blog post
from a jewelry industry sales person who took the two-day course presented
by Mike Briant and Skydas, the same company conducting our webinar.

(Mike will be presenting a full-day seminar on this topic in March in New York City. Thursday's 60-plus minute webinar will be packed with critically-important information but will be just a portion of what's coming next month. That one will not be broadcast like this webinar.)

Here are some of the topics Mike will touch on:

    ~ Why his company believes that almost every robbery can be prevented.

    ~ That the number one tool to lower risks in our business is "counter surveillance," how we operate at the counter, whether it's in a store, a trade show or a street fair.

    ~ That, like you, crooks make a simple return-on-investment calculation when deciding whether or not to continue with a particular plan, only in this case, the plan is to attack you.

    ~ How to alter that ROI in your favor.

    ~ That we don't always need "more" security; we need smarter security.

    ~ That there is a "robbery cycle" -- and how knowing that can help you.

In short, there's so much you need to know! But with Thursday's webinar you will get that knowledge -- practical, proven, first-hand information that will help you stay safe.

Thursday, February 13 at 3:00 pm Eastern
(That's 2:00 pm Central, 1:00 pm Mountain, and noon Pacific time.)

Click here to register!

Want to know something scary? Many of the jewel thieves are professionals with training akin to military combat! Are you even remotely equipped to counter that?

Even scarier: Their sole job is to prey on the jewelry industry. Yeah, the one you work in.

But the lessons you'll learn are 100 percent useful whether you find yourself facing an organized gang or a rogue individual acting on impulse. Hopefully, with what you'll learn, you will be avoiding these kind of situations. You'll lower your risk of exposure to criminal elements whose sole job it is to prey upon the jewelry industry.

    Note: Everyone who registers and watches the webinar on Thursday is also entitled to a link to the recorded webinar for later viewing. You can also skip the live airing and watch the recorded version at your convenience. Just ask Frank for the link to the recorded webinar after you register.

    Space is limited on the webinar system -- we're expecting a big crowd -- so it would be wise to reserve your spot now.

General ticket price is just $29.
JRB Inner Circle Members get in for free.

(Inner Circle members always have access to all the webinars free.)
Want to see what else is a part of our Inner Circle membership?
Click here for a tour.

New to webinars? This article explains how they work.

After you reserve your spot you will get an email with instructions on how to log into the webinar.

If you need any help, email Frank. And if you have a question to ask Mike, send that along, too!


More about Mike Briant and the Skydas Group:

Mike Briant of the Skydas Group International has led seminars for many industries including the jewelry industry to teach jewelers how to recognize outliers, how to travel safely with product, how to work with local law enforcement and related topics. His firm is a threat and risk management firm based in Atlanta. He also provides services and training to international corporatations and government agencies. His staff has extensive adult learning certifications, with each of them having either a background in "high threat close protection," special operations or law enforcement.

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