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Feature Articles

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Most of the new articles we post can be found right here. Click on any headline below to find the full article.

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You're Not as Safe as You Might Want to be
by Frank Stankus
Cautiously, I crept up the sub . . . keep reading
Check Out This Amazing Way to 'Mount' Your Jewelry
by Frank Stankus
It's not often that we get excited about something new in packaging. But we did this time. . . . keep reading
If You Work From Home, Don't Publicize Your Business Address!
by Cindy Edelstein and Frank Stankus
Recent advancements in Google's mapping technology now make it possible for anyone with a computer and an internet connection to see what your street address looks like -- from street level, not a satellite view. It's a new safety consideration, especially if you work from home. . . . keep reading
Start a Blog - it's your best New Marketing Tool
Frank Stankus
"This is a relationship business" we keep hearing everyone say. Well, it's true. So it follows that you have to do everything you can to maintain those relationships. Are you? You're not if you don't have a blog. . . . keep reading
52 Nonstop Networking Tips
Andrea Nierenberg
52 Nonstop Networking Tips by . . . keep reading
Ten Commandments for Being the Company Spokesperson
You sent out the press release and included the contact information. You are listed as the spokesperson for your company--but what does that mean? And how can you be an effective one? First, always be available, easily reached, and completely prepared for comment. Journalists work on all kinds of deadlines. If a journalist takes the time to call, be available to talk to them . . . keep reading
WWD Jewelry Brand Consumer Awareness Results
The red carpet is intended to boost a luxury brand's image, but there are other ways to raise a profile, including store and brand expansion, compelling marketing and adorning models with collection pieces. So which jewelry brands rank highest when it comes to luxury consumer awareness? In January, the New York-based Luxury Institute released a study on which luxury jewelry brands were most familiar. The institute surveyed more than 500 respondents, ages 30 and above, with a household net worth of $5 million or higher. Below, the top 12 brands and what wealthy consumers think of them. . . . keep reading
Business Grant Contest by Halstead Beads
Adapted from a Halsead press release
Halstead Bead, Inc. is pleased to announce its Second Annual Business Development Grant for new designers entering the bridge jewelry trade. The grant will be awarded to a winning candidate in August. The winner of the 2007 Grant will receive $6,000 in cash and merchandise as well as other benefits. . . . keep reading

Tips, Tricks & Etiquette Of Brainstorming
From a site I found on tele-brainstorming
I think designers can use thes . . . keep reading
Media Planning and Ad Placements Explained by an Expert
Joanne DeRicco
Do you know how many women read Vogue vs. Bazaar? Or which reaches more city folks? Do you know how often is TOO often to run an ad? Well, a media planner is the expert that will help you made educated choices and possibly help you get insider deals, to boot. . . . keep reading
Obscure Silver Makers Marks
A list of designers and maker's marks that have been difficult to find in reference materials. . . . keep reading
If You're Thinking About Opening a Retail Store of Your Own . . .
by Frank Stankus
The perils, pitfalls and rewards facing designers who open a retail space of their own. Originally written for AJM magazine in 2001, this article turns out to just as relevant today. It has been expanded to provide more information that what appeared in print. . . . keep reading
Notes from a Trade Show Novice
by Jessica Fields, designer
Words of wisdom from a new designer as she navigates the first year of trade showing -- and what she's learned to buy, make, rent and bring along the way! . . . keep reading
Museum Association Trade Show - An Alternative Venue with Possibilities
Cindy Edelstein
Should you try and sell to museum stores? Are they just for ancient-inspired looks? Read about their world and decide for yourself. . . . keep reading
A Look at Where the Designer Jewelry Market is Headed in the New Millennium (1999)
Cindy Edelstein
The following is based on a . . . keep reading
Designers, Popularity and Eternity
Cindy Edelstein
There is something special abo . . . keep reading
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