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Jeweler's Resource Hosts a Unique Annual Designers-Only Trade Show in the Baltimore Convention Center in February

Two dozen acclaimed designers display their work each February in an elegant salon setting that globalDESIGN has become known for. The luxurious, relaxed atmosphere of the show and its limited size give gallery and jewelry store owners the ideal ambiance to look at, admire and evaluate jewelry made by some of the world's best jewelry artisans.

For more information on exhibiting or attending call us at 914-738-8485 or contact Frank at

The globalDESIGN show was created in 2001 by Cindy Edelstein as a way to bring outstanding international talent to the attention of the gallery and store owners who come to the craft shows in February for the fine art jewelry and crafts on display then. Both the Baltimore craft show that globalDESIGN appears in and a similar Washington-based craft show emphasize American-made products. That makes globalDESIGN, with its focus on the best from around the world, a natural destination for gallery owners seeking the best original work regardless of country of origin.

This show has its own identity and therefore its own, separate website which can be reached by clicking here.