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home | About Cindy Edelstein
About Cindy Edelstein
Cindy Edelstein, founder

The late Cindy Edelstein began her career as an an editor at JCK Magazine. It was her years as Fashion Editor that gave her the opportunity to fall in love with jewelry designers.

She founded Jeweler's Resource Bureau in 1991 with one goal and one goal only -- to support the growth of designer fine jewelry as a retail category, an artform and a community.

Over the years she built a menu of marketing and publishing services offering expert advice, custom publications and the kind of targeted marketing tools that designer entrepreneurs need to run their businesses most effectively.

In 1995 Cindy Edelstein, president, was awarded the prestigious Benne Award by the American Jewelry Design Council, and was the 1996 winner of the Contemporary Design Group's award as Best Designer Advocate. In 1990, she received the Women's Jewelry Association's Award for Editorial Excellence. And in 2001 She was recognized again by the group for her Excellence in Marketing.

She has traveled to several countries to present speeches, workshops and private consultations to industry groups and individual artisans to enlighten them about the American designer business. Her byline was seen in many trade and consumer magazines.

In 2000 the Jeweler's Resource launched the first trade show for international studio jewelers called globalDESIGN. This event presents an elite collection of the world's finest artisans to the American craft gallery audience.

Jeweler's resource also produces Designer DAY: The Business Conference for Jewelry Designers in conjunction with MJSA. Our bestselling guidbooks, the Designer's Annual Planning Guide, SOURCEBOOK for DESIGNERS and ARTISANS, are now available online to subscribers of the JRB Inner Circle, the industry's first subscription website that addresses the myriad of concerns facing professional jewelry designer entrepreneurs.

Cindy passed away in February of 2016. The cause was cardiac arrest.


~ New York Women's Agenda (NYWA) annual Galaxy Award 2004, honors Women of the Future from more than 20 different industries

~ Women's Jewelry Association / Midwest Chapter's 20th Anniversary Hall of Fame award, 2003

~ Women's Jewelry Association's Award for Excellence in Marketing, 2001

~ The Contemporary Design Group's High Achievement Award, Designer Advocate, 1996

~ The American Jewelry Design Council's BENNE Award, 1995

~ Women's Jewelry Association's Award for Excellence in Editorial, 1990


~ Alpha Awards XVIII, Fashion Group Foundation of New Orleans, 2003

~ American Vision Award, Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003,2002, 2001

~ Enterprise Ireland Design Award in Dublin, Enterprise Ireland Trade Show, 2001

~ JA Jewel Award, Jewelers of America, 1991, 1990, 1989

~ Jewelry Arts Awards, Lapidary Journal, 2003

~ Niche Awards, The Rosen Group 1997

~ Ponte d'Oro, Vicenza Trade Fair Board, 1995

~ World Titanium Award, World Titanium Council, 2004, 2003, 2002


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