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It's the ultimate catch-22 of entrepreneurship; you go into business to be your own boss and then you discover you have to do everything yourself.

Jewelry designers are a special breed; they have an aesthetic vision they want to communicate in precious materials. And, oh yes, they want to make money doing it.

It's been the biggest challenge for design entrepreneurs (what Cindy Edelstein calls design'preneurs) to keep in touch with the business side of their business. For more than 15 years the design community has come to trust that Cindy and the JRB can help them stay in touch.

start quoteThe one thing we do best at the JRB is figure out what our designers need -- and answer that need. We've launched many different projects, events and initiatives purely because it answered a need. We've been educating design'preneurs with full-day conferences, short workshops, one-on-one consultations and printed books. ALL have their limitations that are now eradicated thanks to the online model of web-based education and communication. end quote
-- Cindy Edelstein, president, JRB

Gain Access to Information on EVERYTHING You Need To Know Articles like these: " Dialogue: Designer vs. Sales Rep " Media Planning and Ad Placements Explained by an Expert " Silver Makers Marks and Information " If You're Thinking About Opening a Retail Store of Your Own . . . " Trade Magazine Editorial Calendar " Product Placement Opp/Movie: August 24, 2006 " 2006 Consumer Fashion Magazine Press List " Understanding Public Relations

Events like: Events: " MJSA's The Trade Show for Jewelry Making " Arts Business Institute " The Santa Fe Symposium International Conference on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology " Kraftwerks Invitational " SNAG Conference - Future Dates

Groups like: Groups: # JDPN - Jewelry Design Professionals' Network # Ladies Who Launch Live Events # SNAG - Society of North American Goldsmiths # AJDC - American Jewelry Design Council

Trade Shows & Craft Fairs: # Comparison Chart for 2006 Craft Shows # ACC St. Paul # Museum Association Trade Show - An Alternative Venue with Possibilities # Washington Craft Show # Westchester Craft Show # American Crafts Festival and Autumn Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center # Crafts Park Avenue # Couture Jewellery Collection & Conference # Gift Fairs # JA NY International Jewelry Shows # The JCK NYC Invitational - by invitation only # Swiss Watch by JCK - by appointment only # Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show # MJSA Expo New York

Publications like: # AmericanStyle # InStore # Metalsmith # JCK - Jeweler's Circular Keystone # Niche magazine # National Jeweler # Modern Jeweler # The Crafts Report # Designer Jewelry Showcase

Competitionslike: # MJSA Vision Awards # AGTA Spectrum Award # Lapidary Journal's Jewelry Arts Awards # Niche Award # Tahitian Pearl Trophy Design Contest # WJA Diva Design Competition # Saul Bell Award

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start quoteI can now communicate with thousands of designers at once in the time it took to coach one client through a specific initiative. While only a few hundred can attend my live conferences and workshops -- now thousands can access our teleconferences and purchase the recordings of events they couldn't travel to. end quote
-- Cindy Edelstein, president, JRB

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