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  1. Media Planning and Ad Placements Explained by an Expert
    Joanne DeRicco
    Do you know how many women read Vogue vs. Bazaar? Or which reaches more city folks? Do you know how often is TOO often to run an ad? Well, a media planner is the expert that will help you made educated choices and possibly help you get insider deals, to boot. . . . keep reading

  2. If You're Thinking About Opening a Retail Store of Your Own . . .
    by Frank Stankus
    The perils, pitfalls and rewards facing designers who open a retail space of their own. Originally written for AJM magazine in 2001, this article turns out to just as relevant today. It has been expanded to provide more information that what appeared in print. . . . keep reading

  3. A Look at Where the Designer Jewelry Market is Headed in the New Millennium (1999)
    Cindy Edelstein
    The following is based on a presentation by Cindy Edelstein to the GIA Symposium held in San Diego in June of 1999 I was asked here today to shed . . . keep reading

  4. WWD Jewelry Brand Consumer Awareness Results
    The red carpet is intended to boost a luxury brand's image, but there are other ways to raise a profile, including store and brand expansion, compelling marketing and adorning models with collection pieces. So which jewelry brands rank highest when it comes to luxury consumer awareness? In January, the New York-based Luxury Institute released a study on which luxury jewelry brands were most familiar. The institute surveyed more than 500 respondents, ages 30 and above, with a household net worth of $5 million or higher. Below, the top 12 brands and what wealthy consumers think of them. . . . keep reading

  5. Let Our Team Build and Manage Your Online Brand Identity
    How Raising Your Internet Visibility Can Grow Your Business . . . keep reading

  6. Trunk Shows & PA's: How They Actually Work
    Frank Stankus
    Definitions: Trunk shows Sometimes retail jewelry stores make an arrangement with a supplier to come and sell directly to their customers. If you . . . keep reading

  7. Ten Commandments for Being the Company Spokesperson
    You sent out the press release and included the contact information. You are listed as the spokesperson for your company--but what does that mean? And how can you be an effective one? First, always be available, easily reached, and completely prepared for comment. Journalists work on all kinds of deadlines. If a journalist takes the time to call, be available to talk to them . . . keep reading

  8. Tips, Tricks & Etiquette Of Brainstorming
    From a site I found on tele-brainstorming
    I think designers can use these tips when brainstorming with staff, advisors or even with a bunch of smart friends who are willing to help you with yo . . . keep reading

  9. The Profitability and Pitfalls of Credit Card Processing
    By Adam Moss, Charge Card Systems
    In today's marketplace businesses everywhere are experiencing shrinking margins as competition and the cost of doing business increase. But it is . . . keep reading

  10. What Works: Hardcover Photo Books for Promotion
    By Frank Stankus
    Here is an often overlooked marketing tool that you would never expect to be as useful as it has proven to be in this social media-crazed era . . . keep reading

  11. We've Chosen a "Preferred Vendor" to Process Credt Cards
    We listened to our members describe the many issues they face in processing credit cards, and after a thorough review, we chose Charge Card Systems (CCS) as our preferred vendor for credit card processing. . . . keep reading

  12. Trade shows are a vital, yet sometimes confusing, part of your marketing plan
    Trade shows are a vital part of your marketing plan but understanding the landscape is even more important. Here's a quick infographic that visually . . . keep reading

  13. Memoing -- The Pros and Cons of Consigning Goods
    by Frank Stankus

    Should you or shouldn't you? It's a prolific tool but is it the most eficient way to make money? And is memoing any different from consignment? . . . keep reading

  14. Merchant Account / Credit Card Terms Glossary
    There are so many terms to credit card processing. This glossary should help you navigate through the business of accepting credit cards. . . . keep reading

  15. Credit Card Processing 101
    By Adam Moss
    In order to lower your processing costs, reduce fraud and improve customer service, the following guidelines should be followed. These guidelines rema . . . keep reading

  16. Security recommendations for home-based businesses
    Sue Fritz, Jeweler's Mutual Insurance
    Working from home provides a practical and cost-effective business model. A home-based jewelry business, however, comes with additional security risks that you and your family must address. Read more ... . . . keep reading

  17. On Video: A Quick Tip for Members from Vicente Agor
    Vicente Agor shows you what is needed to make a great press kit. . . . keep reading

  18. Tour Page 2 - Video Tips From Designers
    On Video: Designers and their staff tell you directly what works and what doesn't in the designer jewelry business. . . . keep reading

  19. The Varieties of Licensing
    by Frank Stankus
    What would it be like if you could stock your shelves with items that combine the exclusiveness of a name like Jose Hess with the wide-ranging appeal . . . keep reading

  20. The Business Plan
    by Joel Peck, CPA
    The first and most important benefit of a business plan is that it gives you a path to follow. A plan sets the stage to make the future what you want it to be. A plan also makes it easy to let your banker in on the action. Likewise, potential investors can review your plan to gain a better understanding of your business and to determine if their investment is worth the risk. . . . keep reading

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Keeping Yourself Safe
If you have any,/i> role in the jewelry industry -- store owner, manufacturer, designer, sales associate, gem dealer, whatever -- you are a potential target for jewel thieves. This webinar will teach you how to protect yourself beyond what common sense dictates. . . . keep reading
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