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  1. Pricing Advice
    Joel Peck, CPA
    So now that you have some things to sell, how much should you charge for them? What factors are part of pricing? How much is your time worth? How much should you add for the materials which you purchased? What about the lost metal filings? Should you really add in something for the rent, the tools you use, the postage paid to send it to your customer, the fee your accountant charges each year, the paper towels and the light bulbs? . . . keep reading

  2. Designers, Popularity and Eternity
    Cindy Edelstein
    There is something special about the last decade of a century. It often becomes a creative era, a time when both artists and patrons are suffused with . . . keep reading

  3. Marketing the Product
    There are many ways to sell your work, which is what marketing is about. There is an assortment of markets to consider and several different methods for bringing your work into the correct venues to be successful. You have to do homework on this one. Research the relative costs and expectations of each, weigh all factors and decide which to try and which to pass on. . . . keep reading

  4. Staying Ahead of Thieves When Shipping
    In the last several bulletins regarding theft of shipped goods, the Jewelers' Security Alliance reported that thieves are catching up with commonly-us . . . keep reading

  5. Some Pearls of Wisdom From One Who Knows; Robert Lee Morris's remarks at designerDAY 2000
    The following is a transcript of comments made by longtime designer Robert Lee Morris at the close of Designer Day 2000. If you've ever wondered what . . . keep reading

  6. Practical tips for Writing Your Business Plan
    Hollis Chase
    Tips for business plan writing by acclaimed consultant Hollis Chase, President of Chase & Associates, a consulting agency specializing in business planning and in facilitating business meetings. . . . keep reading

  7. Our Webinars
    Here is where Inner Circle members can "attend" our past webinars at their leisure. . . . keep reading

  8. How To Navigate the Changing Tides of Business
    Cindy Edelstein
    What are the current biggest challenges related to running a successful business as a jewelry artist right now? Obviously the fallout from the downturn in the economy has been the biggest challenge of the past five years. . . . keep reading

  9. 52 Nonstop Networking Tips
    Andrea Nierenberg
    52 Nonstop Networking Tips by a Master Networker I heard Andrea speak at Women in the Know, a Women's Jewelry Association conference, and I thoug . . . keep reading

  10. A List of Useful Fashion Sites, Blogs & Tweets
    Keep in the fashion know with these great reads.... . . . keep reading

  11. Slide Show of Trade Show Booths
    Cindy Edelstein
    Don't know how to create a trade show booth? Want to see the good, the not so good and the scary? See our ever growing slide show of booths.... . . . keep reading

  12. Cindy's Favorite Business Books
    Entrepreneurs need as much advice as they can get -- when it's from an expert who understands their world. Here are some books that I always recommend to design'preneurs. . . . keep reading

  13. What Works: Original Ideas for Pre-Show Marketing
    by Frank Stankus
    When it comes to pre-show marketing, few are as adept at it as Erica Courrtney. She shares some tips with Jewelers Resource Inner Circle members. . . . keep reading

  14. Safe Jewelry Shipping Advice from Jeweler's Mutual
    With shipping losses currently affecting several Jewelers Mutual policyholders-with recent claims attributed to address errors, lack of communication between shipper and recipient and improper packaging--the organization has issued important precautionary measures. . . . keep reading

  15. Keeping Yourself Safe
    If you have any,/i> role in the jewelry industry -- store owner, manufacturer, designer, sales associate, gem dealer, whatever -- you are a potential target for jewel thieves. This webinar will teach you how to protect yourself beyond what common sense dictates. . . . keep reading

  16. In brand development, strategy precedes creativity
    John Foligno
    A clear branding strategy will create the foundation on which subsequent tactics will function effectively and work together. Simply put, it provides a blueprint for how you will communicate to your internal and external customers. . . . keep reading

  17. WJA Diva Design Competition
    The annual WJA DIVA Competition is a design contest created to promote and encourage jewelry design by women. It is open to all women regardless of e . . . keep reading

  18. Sample: Craft Gallery Review Process
    Every store is different -- more or less -- and for each store who has a process of pitching them there are more that don't. Some like to meet you others don't want you to drop in unannounced. Some read their mail and others say they never look at it. . . . keep reading

  19. What Works: Ready-Made Newsletter Material for Retailers
    by Frank Stankus
    Jane Wullbrandt has come up with a marketing program that has worked well for her and is willing to share it with Jewelers Resource Inner Circle members. . . . keep reading

  20. How to Sign Up For and Watch a Webinar
    All you need to know to sign up, register and watch one of our webinars . . . keep reading

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Keeping Yourself Safe
If you have any,/i> role in the jewelry industry -- store owner, manufacturer, designer, sales associate, gem dealer, whatever -- you are a potential target for jewel thieves. This webinar will teach you how to protect yourself beyond what common sense dictates. . . . keep reading
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