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Feature Articles continued

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PR Distribution Tips for Success
by Cindy Edelstein
In order for the world to know about you ... you have to do some public relations.

Luckily, the jewelry trade press is an easy audience. They're eager to receive your new photos and business information. BUT you have to send them the right stuff. . . . keep reading

If You're Thinking About Opening a Retail Store of Your Own . . .
by Frank Stankus
The perils, pitfalls and rewards facing designers who open a retail space of their own. Originally written for AJM magazine in 2001, this article turns out to just as relevant today. It has been expanded to provide more information that what appeared in print. . . . keep reading

Notes from a Trade Show Novice
by Jessica Fields, designer
Words of wisdom from a new designer as she navigates the first year of trade showing -- and what she's learned to buy, make, rent and bring along the way! . . . keep reading

Tough Question From Marketing Expert David Knies: Are You Really "Branding" Your Business Or Merely "Labeling" It?
by David Knies
The branding phenomenonhas hit the diamond & jewelry industry with dramatic force in the past few years. All links in the value chain ~ retailers, designers, sightholders, brokers, manufacturers ~ have responded differently. Some have embraced branding, completely transforming themselves and approaching the market with innovative new products, services, business models and training programs. Others have designed a logo, bought some print advertising, and continued with business as usual. And others, of course, have responded by saying branding, schmanding. . . . keep reading

How Designers Can Comply with the Patriot Act (it's mandatory!)
by Ettagale Blauer
Patriot Act Now In Force After four years of tinkering, the US government has finalized the rules applicable to the jewelry trade under the Patriot . . . keep reading

Museum Association Trade Show - An Alternative Venue with Possibilities
Cindy Edelstein
Should you try and sell to museum stores? Are they just for ancient-inspired looks? Read about their world and decide for yourself. . . . keep reading

A Look at Where the Designer Jewelry Market is Headed in the New Millennium (1999)
Cindy Edelstein
The following is based on a presentation by Cindy Edelstein to the GIA Symposium held in San Diego in June of 1999 I was asked here today to shed . . . keep reading

Designers, Popularity and Eternity
Cindy Edelstein
There is something special about the last decade of a century. It often becomes a creative era, a time when both artists and patrons are suffused with . . . keep reading

Pricing Advice
Joel Peck, CPA
So now that you have some things to sell, how much should you charge for them? What factors are part of pricing? How much is your time worth? How much should you add for the materials which you purchased? What about the lost metal filings? Should you really add in something for the rent, the tools you use, the postage paid to send it to your customer, the fee your accountant charges each year, the paper towels and the light bulbs? . . . keep reading

The Varieties of Licensing
by Frank Stankus
What would it be like if you could stock your shelves with items that combine the exclusiveness of a name like Jose Hess with the wide-ranging appeal . . . keep reading

How To Navigate the Changing Tides of Business
Cindy Edelstein
What are the current biggest challenges related to running a successful business as a jewelry artist right now? Obviously the fallout from the downturn in the economy has been the biggest challenge of the past five years. . . . keep reading

Marketing the Product
There are many ways to sell your work, which is what marketing is about. There is an assortment of markets to consider and several different methods for bringing your work into the correct venues to be successful. You have to do homework on this one. Research the relative costs and expectations of each, weigh all factors and decide which to try and which to pass on. . . . keep reading

Trunk Shows & PA's: How They Actually Work
Frank Stankus
Definitions: Trunk shows Sometimes retail jewelry stores make an arrangement with a supplier to come and sell directly to their customers. If you . . . keep reading

Staying Ahead of Thieves When Shipping
In the last several bulletins regarding theft of shipped goods, the Jewelers' Security Alliance reported that thieves are catching up with commonly-us . . . keep reading

Memoing -- The Pros and Cons of Consigning Goods
by Frank Stankus

Should you or shouldn't you? It's a prolific tool but is it the most eficient way to make money? And is memoing any different from consignment? . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 16 thru 30 of 32 Found BACK NEXT

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