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download  *A Salesman's Guide*   *A Salesman's Guide*

  Here is an example of a professional Salesman's Guide to give to salesman to education them on your company and policies. Use this document as an example to create your own.

download  *Bracelet Competitive Analysis*   *Bracelet Competitive Analysis*

  Bracelet: Competitive Analysis Look Book shares with you 12 pages of clippings from a current market report on the trend of beaded and tied bracelets.

download  *Brilliance Press Release*   *Brilliance Press Release*

  Press release for the book "Brilliance! Masterpieces from the American Jewelry Design Council"

download  *Do-it-Yourself Public Relations  *   *Do-it-Yourself Public Relations *

  Do-it-Yourself Public Relations Guide is 30 page e-book in .pdf format

download  *Eight-Figure Retailers 2008*   *Eight-Figure Retailers 2008*

  A special report from National Jeweler on the top fine jewelry retailers. Read about their stores and their philosophies. These are the jewelry stores that can sell designer jewelry.

download  *Eight-Figure Retailers 2010*   *Eight-Figure Retailers 2010* compiles this list of top independent jewelers every 2 years or so (the information doesn't change that fast) and this is a good reference for independent jewelry designers to add to their prospect lists and more so to understand the landscape of U.S. jewelry sales and sellers.

download  *Employee Handbook (prototype)*   *Employee Handbook (prototype)*

  This is a 17-page Employee Manual prototype to use in whole or in part to create a document you can use with your employees to communicate your rules, regulations, expectations and needs from all employees.

download  *Holiday Gift Guide Editorial Ops*   *Holiday Gift Guide Editorial Ops*

  Cision recently released its 2011 Holiday Gift Guide briefing book, giving users of the Cision Media Database a critical early jump on securing coverage in holiday gift editions of major media outlets. Download a copy of the 2011 holiday gift guide here.

download  *Jewelry Bloggers*   *Jewelry Bloggers*

  Bloggers are the new fashionistas, as they say, and sending your product news to them is as important as to magazine editors.

download  *Mailing List Rental Form*   *Mailing List Rental Form*

  This is the form to use to place an order for mailing list rentals.

download  *Pantone Color Forecast Spring 2010*   *Pantone Color Forecast Spring 2010*

  Here's the PDF given freely by Pantone to show you color and fashion forecasts for Spring 2010.

Very useful for your planning....

download  *Pricing & Salary Worksheet*   *Pricing & Salary Worksheet*

  The Halstead Pricing & Salary Worksheet developed by Halstead Bead Inc especially for jewelry designers.

This interactive tool will help you to calculate your costs in order to make realistic decisions in the management of your business.

download  *Prototype Consignment Agreement*   *Prototype Consignment Agreement*

  This is an extensive example of a contract an artist would make with a gallery that takes their jewelry on consignment for a certain length of time.

Use it as a base to write your own. It's in Word so that you can add and subtract text as needed. Save as new name each time you amend it so your original stays prestine.

Use it in conjunction with the Condition Report -- courtesy of SNAG.

download  *Trunk Show Guidelines*   *Trunk Show Guidelines*

  Learn from an experienced designer how he orchestrated his personal appearances to maximize time, effort and profit.

Your selection returned: 14 items   -   Displaying Matches 1 thru 14 of 14 Found.